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8th Grade Survival Trip - May 24th -26th

8th Grade Survival Trip Equipment List

Required items:


_____Warm Sleeping Bag

_____Frame Backpack

_____Visqueen (10’ x 15’)

_____2 water containers (1 Quart each)

_____Survival Can

_____Journal and pencil or pen

_____LifeJacket (Coast Guard approved)


_____Rubber boots

_____Rain pants

_____Rain jacket

_____Warm insulating layers ( polar fleece coat, wool sweater, warm coat, etc.)

______Warm under layers (Long johns, under armour, long sleeve shirts, tights, track pants, etc.)

_____Extra Socks (Wool or Fleece are best)

_____Warm hat

_____Warm gloves


Optional items:

___Personal hygiene: toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, etc.

___Flashlight and extra batteries

___Insect repellent


Survival Can Requirements


___12oz or smaller can

___Metal handle (Coat hangers work well)


___Lighter (optional if bringing matches)

___Pocket knife

___Firestarters (Fire sticks)


___Nylon cord or twine ( 30-40ft wrap around outside of can)

___Plastic bag

___Aluminum foil (for cooking)
___Signaling device (whistle, mirror, small flashlight, etc)


___Fishing line ( 10 feet)

___Fishing hooks ( #16 and/or #6)


___Food (rice is usually best)

___Seasoning ( salt, pepper, bouillon cubes, etc)

___Water flavoring (Crystal Light, Kool-aid, etc)

___Soap ( small bar, or liquid soap in a leak proof container)

___Band Aids (a few)

___Disinfectant ( Neosporin, alcohol wipes, etc)

___Tissue ( toilet paper in a baggie, or mini Kleenex pack)

___Medicine ( Ibuprofen, or Tylenol for pain, 2 tablets)