winter break  


With the end of the first semester just a few weeks away, I would like to impress on parents to help your child to stay focused. Review your child’s mid-term grades to evaluate if they need extra help before finals. Also, attendance matters; attendance is the number one factor for students dropping out of school. The best way of getting students to want to be at school is encouraging them to be active in school activities. Kayhi has over 25 groups, teams and/or clubs that your child can be a part of. Please encourage them to get involved in what is going on at Kayhi. 

Live Webstreaming of all the games at the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic will be available.  Search for the Ketchikan High School page on the High School Cube:

Our ‘slam dunk’ basketball passes are on sale now. These passes will get you into all of the boys and girls home basketball games as well as our popular Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic (Dec. 29-31).  These passes make great Christmas gifts. So if you are interested, please stop by the office between 8am-4pm to purchase yours.

The prices are as follows:

Slam Dunk:    Balcony Reserved - $90.00; Adult Bleacher - $70.00; Student Bleacher - $50.00

CCCC:             Balcony Reserved - $50.00; Adult Bleacher - $45.00; Student Bleacher - $40.00



This year’s homecoming festivities will be taking place on Tuesday, December 30th before the final two games of the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic. The Homecoming Dance will also be held on Tuesday beginning after the last game and ending at 1am. Citywide curfew has been granted and extended one hour to 2am. All tournament participants and Kayhi Alumni are welcomed to attend the dance.

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  • 2014-2015 Master Schedule
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  • 2014-15 Bell Schedule

    Period       Class Time

    0                 7:00-7:55

    1                 8:00-8:59

    2                 9:04-10:00

    Nutrition  10:00-10:15

    3                10:20-11:16

    4                11:21-12:17

    Lunch       12:17-12:47

    5                12:52 - 1:48

    6                1:53-2:49

    Assembly Bell Schedule

    Period       Class Time

    0                 7:00-7:55

    1                 8:00-8:48

    2                 8:53-9:41

    Nutrition   9:41-9:56

    3                10:01-10:49

    4                10:54-11:42

    Lunch       11:42-12:12

    5                12:17-1:05

    6                1:10-1:58 
    Assembly  1:58-2:49 

    Shortened Day Schedule

    Period       Class Time

    0                 7:00-7:55

    1                 8:00-8:40

    2                 8:45-9:25

    3                9:30-10:10

    4                10:15-10:55

    5                11:00-11:40

    6                11:45-12:25  
    Bus Pickup at 1:00 
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