Member Position Phone Office Term

Adam Archibald


225-5363 April 2019

Tapunia (Nia) Boor

Vice President

225-4205 April 2018*

Eryn Brooks

Parent Representative  

617-0387 April 2019*

Rhea Kahle

Parent Representative  225-4509 April 2019
Victor EspositoTreasure204-0001April 2018*
Ken Montero Parent Representative 821-1525  April 2019*
Stephanie Lively
Parent Representative 220-9855 April 2018*
Erin Henderson Staff Representative 254-0380 Annually

Committee members, other than the administrator and staff representative, shall hold office for a two-year term. Staff representatives will hold office for a term of one year. Parent/Committee members may be elected to two consecutive terms of office. After a period of one year off the committee, a person can be reconsidered for nominations to the committee.

* Seat available to run for an additional term.

Would you like to become a member of the Academic Policy Committee? Please fill out the application and submit it to the KCS Main Office. FOR AN APC APPLICATION CLICK HERE