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  • Google Doc MLA Template

    Posted by Caitlin Jacobson at 4/23/2015
    Click below to access the Google template:
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  • Gale Research Databases

    Posted by Caitlin Jacobson at 10/19/2014
    A few practice links:
    Portal topic links
    Junk food:
    Saved searches
     In Context Training Handout

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  • Library lessons

    Posted by Caitlin Jacobson at 9/4/2014
     Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!  We are focusing this month on getting our tech issues figured out earlier in the year.  A bunch of our 9th and 10th graders will be visiting the library to practice working with Google, K21 accounts, and other tech tools.  English classes will spend 2 class sessions in the library.  Day 1 will focus on digital citizenship (using the Internet responsibly); Day 2 will focus on being a successful Kayhi student.
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  • Using TRAILS information literacy skills

    Posted by Caitlin Jacobson at 9/4/2014

    We will be using the TRAILS information literacy program this year.  This program features five elements of research and information use.  The five categories are:


       1. Develop your topic: 

             is it too narrow; too broad?

       2. Identify potential sources:

             where will I find good information most quickly?

       3. Develop, use, and revise searches:

             how do I make Google work for me?

       4. Evaluate sources and information:

             how can I know the difference between fact and opinion?

       5. Recognize how use information responsibly and ethically:

             how do I cite my sources?


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Day 1 Orientation